Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Neo Color Celeb Green Circle Lenses on Light Eyes

This is review is unsponsored. It is my own personal opinion drawn from my experience with the product.

Neo Color Celeb in Green 
(on light eyes)

Purchased from
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.2 mm
Water content:  45%

I wanted to try these lenses because I hadn't used any green circle lenses in the past, and these have a higher water content than most circle lenses. I also like how the lens color pattern blends into your natural eye color. Having light eyes, that's something I always look for in a lens.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

My hair is short and red now!

Upside Down Tree
There was this great upside-down Christmas tree at the tea house.

Christmas Donut
And I had a Holiday donut that was so cute!

I'm excited for new Doctor Who!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Heat My Heart Once Again

I pretty much just have some pictures for today! These are from this time last year. My hair was so pale! But you can still see a bit of green in it that I couldn't get out. I miss having those really long extensions.

 And this is my hair before I bleached it that pale. I had green, blue and purple in it! It looked pastel while I had the bleach on it--it was actually really cute looking. Pastel colors are hard to get though, and I'm far too lazy for the upkeep @o@

Ah, so we got some snow and freezing rain so I've been staying in watching historical documentaries. The last one I watched was on Alexandria, and I learned about a badass science lady, Hypatia. As one of the first historically noted women of science, she was a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher in late 300 B.C.E. - early 400 B.C.E. Alexandria. She made astrolabes, wrote texts on math, and taught using easily understandable methods previously unthought of. And she never took a husband (Go, Hypatia!). Unfortunately, finding information on her life is a lot harder than finding countless stories about her death. Check her out if you're interested!

Stay warm! Ta!

Friday, December 13, 2013

That Time I Went To Ireland

Ireland 01
The Dublin airport bus stop at 5am
 More specifically, Dublin. For about 2 days. Airfare was cheaper to Ireland than it was to Wales, so I figured I might as well see a little bit of Ireland, then take the ferry over to Holyhead. In retrospect this was a horrible idea as I had never experienced the infernal HELL that is seasickness. Yes, I've been on ships before. No, I've have never experienced that. The water was a swelling, churning torment. But enough about that. Let's talk Dublin.

Ireland 02
Not Gogarty's, but close by.
I could easily spend a month getting lost on Dublin's twisting streets. It's ancient living side-by-side with modernity with a laid back ease. We stayed in Temple Bar at Gogarty's hostel which was a dream because it was so cheap. So cheap in fact that we rented a 4 person room for the 3 of us so we'd have privacy. It was still the cheapest place we stayed. And it had lovely breakfast. And you didn't even have to leave the place to get to the bar which was a couple floors down and to the side.

Ireland 03
A view from our hostel window looking out to the river Liffey

Ireland 04
A Dublin street.

Ireland 05
Wonderful soup from a place called Cornucopia. The whole place smelled spicy and amazing.

Ireland 06
After soup, we got homemade ice cream from Murphy's. The sea salt was delicious!

Ireland 07
We just did some walking around after that, which is my huge travel tip. Even though I haven't traveled much, if you over plan, or just even try to fit too many things into a schedule, you're going to be running around like a lunatic, and you won't be very happy. You find some of the best stuff just walking around. Anyway, we made it to Dublin Castle and walked around the grounds. This colorful bit was the first part we saw! The round stone tower in the back is the only remaining original part of Dublin Castle.

Ireland 08
This is Dubh Linn, or "Black Pool" as it translates, and is where Dublin originally got its name. Now it's a fancy lawn with swirly bits.

Ireland 09
The cooly named Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle.

Ireland 10
Christ Church Cathedral (it was awesome!). It was founded c.1028!

  Ireland 11
Inside Christ Church Cathedral. It's super pretty, and there are way too many things I could talk about, like the tiles floor, or the stolen reliquary, or the inconsistent roman arch, or the freakin' sweet medieval crypt with even more amazing stuff. If you ever get the chance, go here.

But now it's amusing story time. We're in the crypt where lots of artifacts are kept and I'm leaning over a book (in a glass case) and this high pitched DANGER DANGER alarm starts going off so me being me I immediately start thinking "ohmyholycowdidIjustsetthatoff!?" and we just kinda stand there dumbstruck for a minute. We caught some dudes who were starting to head back upstairs and asked them what the alarm was for. They said it was a fire alarm so now I'm like "Ahhhh!NOOOO!" but they laughed and said the cafe (which is in the crypt) probably just BURNED something AGAIN and that it happens quite often. So we waited for a few minutes by the entrance until we were given the all clear, and it was totally the cafe. The cafe that is in the CRYPT. This is normal.

Ireland 12
Now, Ireland doesn't have a reputation for great food (at least not among US folk), but I freaking ate like a king the few times I managed to eat (travel tip #2: Eat and eat often). This is the shining jewel of my Ireland/UK food crown (I did visit Eastern Wales & London this trip too). That salad is hiding a massive chunk of fresh goat cheese. And that melty thing on the right? Smoked goat cheese, I repeat, SMOKED goat cheese, and eggplant goodness. Goat cheese and smoked foods are some of my favorites, so combined like this, it was heaven.

Ireland 13
We took a little nighttime walk to Trinity College. We didn't get to see the Book of Kells though, unfortunately.

Ireland 14
My unexciting haul from Ireland. Well, to me the mead was pretty exciting. I bought it from a gentleman's tobacco shop that was so fancy and elegant. I don't smoke but wanted to go in anyway since the shopmen were dressed nice, and was relieved to see they had gentlemanly booze. The mead was fantastic, by the way. We had to get up early the next morning to catch the ferry over to Wales. I'll post about Wales next time, since it's packed full of Torchwood/Doctor Who fangirlyness. In the meantime I'll have some outfit shots though! Take care!
 -Aija <3

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fake Bake "Flawless" Review

This is my own personal review of products that I have purchased. This review is not sponsored. The following is my personal opinion!

I like to use something repeatedly before I review it, so I'm now out of this product because I used the whole thing. And I'm ordering more. Yes, Fake Bake's "Flawless" is pretty awesome for a sunless tanner.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Restarting 3... 2... 1... GO!

Hello all!
I know I took quite a break there. Let me explain. Style is something that has always been synonymous with happiness for me. If I didn't look good, I didn't feel good. With my personal style, I felt like I always had to level up, that I was never good enough, and that went for how I viewed myself too. Improving personal style became a distraction and a quick fix for some bigger problems. So I took a break. I honestly didn't have the energy to keep up anymore. There was one thing I wanted to change about myself that I knew I could definitely do. And that was to become more open and honest.

I've been dealing with problems that a lot of others are familiar with, those being depression and anxiety. I have social anxiety disorder, and I hadn't really realized the extent of the problem or that there was a problem in the past. I mean, everyone gets nervous, right? Well, I got to the point where I wouldn't leave the house or answer the phone. So I spent time dealing with that, forcing myself to open up to those closest to me. And each step gets a little easier. Sure there're set backs still, but the leaps and bounds I feel that I've made have been exhilarating. Style isn't a crutch for me anymore. Gyaru isn't a mask to hide behind. It's something I can enjoy for what it is. If I don't want to get dressed up, I still feel like myself and no longer feel like a horrible monster. I feel like I've finally become beautifully, elegantly human.

Part of my personal "openness" campaign is writing this. There is a human here, typing this, and I wanted that substance to be a part of this blog. Gyaru style also isn't the only thing I have an interest in, and while I don't want to turn this blog into a journal about the minutiae of life, I do want to include other things I love. Maybe you'll find something you love too in it? This will still be mainly a STYLE blog. The fashion major in me is too much of a raging fangirl to have it any other way. I want to open that up to include my style that doesn't necessarily fall into a specific category. In addition to gyaru, I also love gothic & classic lolita, gothic, punk, and historical styles. Also leopard print. Anything leopard print. I want to have more reviews as well since I love a good review.

I hope you're excited for future content because I sure am. I'm going to play a little catch-up with some things from this past year. Thanks for reading, and seriously, I hope you have an amazing day, night, week, and holiday!