Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Neo Color Celeb Green Circle Lenses on Light Eyes

This is review is unsponsored. It is my own personal opinion drawn from my experience with the product.

Neo Color Celeb in Green 
(on light eyes)

Purchased from
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.2 mm
Water content:  45%

I wanted to try these lenses because I hadn't used any green circle lenses in the past, and these have a higher water content than most circle lenses. I also like how the lens color pattern blends into your natural eye color. Having light eyes, that's something I always look for in a lens.

I ordered these as part of a group order from They shipped quickly, and the organizer of the GO likes their service. I have yet to order from them with a personal order, but I was pleased with the professional packaging and fast shipping from the GO.

Upon taking the lenses out of the bottles they come in, and into solution to soak, one of them flipped inside out. I noticed the pattern, at least for me, was a little tricky to figure out which side was which at first. This happened repeatedly to me throughout use of these lenses (a problem I haven't had before). One would flip inside out and I wouldn't notice and try to put it in my eye, then realize something was wrong. They're strongly colored!


Enlargement: 5/5
For having a standard diameter (compared to ones that are 15mm!) these have a great enlarging effect. The black limbal ring is very dark and striking, adding substantially to the enlargement.


I like the overall look of these lenses. The pattern blends nicely into my eye color, and the thicker black limbal ring adds a little somethin' special.


Pattern & Color: 5/5
I love the color on these. It really is green. The pattern is fantastic too. The black blends into a solid green which blends into the natural eye color. Also, these don't tend to look as dark as a lot of circle lenses when you get indoors or in low light. They still look pretty green to me.



Comfort: 3/5
This is the only thing that I disliked about these. I love everything else but they simply weren't making it onto my comfortable circle lens list. They felt thick, and the edges weren't completely smooth. Sometimes I'd have to spin the lens around in my eye to find a comfortable position. Seeing with them was fine though. They didn't slip around. They just felt like thick plastic.

Eyeshadow by Sci-Fly
I found these looked good with gyaru makeup and with regular fancy-pants makeup. They'd be excellent for cosplay too.


Overall: 3.5/5
I want to give these a 4 simply for how much I love the way they look. I want to give them a 5/5 for that matter! But like previously mentioned, the comfort was not there for me. If you really like the way these look, they're half price at honeycolor right now until the 25th (Dec. 2013) so give them a try and see if I just managed to get a bum pair with wibly edges.

And now some outtakes.

Will my Bōsōzoku aspirations ever be realized‽

Messing around before the Avengers premiere.

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