Sunday, December 15, 2013

Heat My Heart Once Again

I pretty much just have some pictures for today! These are from this time last year. My hair was so pale! But you can still see a bit of green in it that I couldn't get out. I miss having those really long extensions.

 And this is my hair before I bleached it that pale. I had green, blue and purple in it! It looked pastel while I had the bleach on it--it was actually really cute looking. Pastel colors are hard to get though, and I'm far too lazy for the upkeep @o@

Ah, so we got some snow and freezing rain so I've been staying in watching historical documentaries. The last one I watched was on Alexandria, and I learned about a badass science lady, Hypatia. As one of the first historically noted women of science, she was a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher in late 300 B.C.E. - early 400 B.C.E. Alexandria. She made astrolabes, wrote texts on math, and taught using easily understandable methods previously unthought of. And she never took a husband (Go, Hypatia!). Unfortunately, finding information on her life is a lot harder than finding countless stories about her death. Check her out if you're interested!

Stay warm! Ta!


  1. You look so pretty! I wish I could make my hair have as much volume as yours does when it's straightened.

    1. Thanks so much! I have... a lot of hair, haha. It gets out of control sometimes XD But the ton of extensions help too, hehe

  2. You look awesome! I hope you know it! ;) <3