Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Geo Nudy Grey circle lenses on light eyes

I thought this picture was too stupid to use for anything, but alas! XD
 Finally reviewing these! When I think of the quint essential circle lens, this is what I think of. These were very popular when I first got into circle lenses, and after owning them it's clear why. They are nice lenses with good enlargement, a good pattern, nice colour, and still natural looking enough to wear for everyday looks.


Stock Image from PinkyParadise
Diameter: 14.0mm/14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

This is my own personal unsponsored review.

Onto all the creepy close-up eye pictures!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Longest Night

We have been having terrible gusts of wind! Two nights ago I could feel the house gently swaying from my bed in the middle of the night. I think that's why I had a dream about strong gusts of wind last night. I dreamt I was walking along a street when a gust of wind knocked me down, and it was blowing so strong that I had to drag myself along the street on my belly to get into a building for shelter. Somehow this combined with Silent Hill then (I haven't even been playing it XD) because the gusts would come intermittently and an alarm would sound and everyone would have to take shelter in the run-down town and something... something BAD would happen if you got caught in one! I didn't find out what because I woke up then~ Haha!

I think I forgot to mention that I've had a bit of green & blue in my hair with a tiny patch of purple. I just really needed a change, but I couldn't wear my extensions :/

Before I get to this more recent stuff, I want to do a little catching up!

I did my hair and makeup very quickly for a meet that day^ back in November. I went out earlier in the morning with my sister, but we stayed out a little later than I had planned so I had rush to put in my extensions & do my makeup, so if anything looks sloppy that's why!

I had my hair pinned to the side and forgot to that it out for these pics =_=;

 Go-karts at the Funplex. They actually went pretty fast. I think mine tried to take flight a few times XD That and my false eyelashes felt like they were flapping in the wind!

We did a game of bowling too. The Funplex had a creepy mascot though, pictured in the bottom right. Even the employees weren't sure exactly what he was supposed to be.

 While waiting for them to clear a lane for us to bowl. I didn't get any outfit shots! I was just so worried about getting there really late and I completely relaxed for the rest of the time :P
The following day is when I left for my *gasp* first ever overseas anywhere trip! Which I will post about separately.

Then I had a lovely International Lolita Day Tea in NYC.
We had tea service at Lady Mendl's. These were our own special menus they had printed up <3 Lady Mendl's is so fancy and the people there are lovely and treat you like a ~high class lady~ so it's always a treat to make a trip there once every few years ( or more often if you can afford it ;o;)

First course, which I don't remember, but I wish I had, like 10 of them. Right now. In my belly.

The tea!
Cute sugar cubes.

Tea sandwiches: egg salad & cucumber with cream cheese. I loved the goat cheese sandwiches I had here on previous occasions. Unfortunately, these are two of my least favorite sandwiches because I'm spoiled by making them myself at home and putting a ton of mustard into the egg salad, and using straight Philadelphia cream cheese instead of cream cheese mixed with mayo (yuck!) for the cucumber sandwiches. Any other way and it's all either too bland or too dry for me. I'm particular about my sandwiches! It's important, ok!? haha.

So, there was a course in between this and the next. It was a scone, and I inhaled it completely forgetting to take a picture.
Mille Crepe Cake. It's like eating 100 crepes at once! The first few bites are, like, mind-blowing, but then I start wishing it didn't have cream in between because it's too much *stomachache*

Fifth & last course. At this point you've eaten so much tiny food that you're surprisingly really full so we ended up leaving much of this behind. I couldn't turn down a strawberry though!

Since it was the holiday season, we got a little gift package with soap, candy (I ate all the candy :x), stickers and a few other things.

We also did a white elephant gift exchange (in which you buy a gift of a certain value, and they all go anonymously into a corner, you're assigned a number, and get to pick a gift when your number is called!). I got these cute fuzzy hand warmers and a crochet macaron keychain. They're from Tea Love Crochet on etsy if you're interested in getting some yourself!

The next day I had a little informal birthday outing.
First stop was Philly Chocolate where I got "Spooning Chocolate." It's just straight up melted chocolate and oh my god it was so good but never again! This was one of those things I've been wanting to try for years, and yes, it is amazing, but it is also an experience of tooth and stomach-aching proportions. Definitely something to try at least once though (possibly just once XD)!

Cute interior. the employees were super nice too!

After doing some more eating and shopping the group of us got smaller and smaller until it was time for us to go to the TLA to see The Birthday Massacre.
The opening bands were all good too! I love when that happens. Before TBM's set we meet the singer from William Control and I got pic, in which I look terrible but whatevs

The Birthday Massacre! They were amazing!

Afterwards we were joking about taking a photo with the stage and I said "I'll do it!" so I thought my friend was just gonna snap a picture, but she told me "Move your arms closer together, lower, stop! Hold it!" And then I saw she had me "hold" the sign, haha XD Ahhh, I'm derpsimus maxiumus in this too, fufufu

A few days later there was a lolita meetup for MORE TEA. You can never have too much tea!
In the process of running around whilst getting dressed, giggling to myself about how lolita, VK & gal all ran head on into me.

I have no idea why I pixelated the background on this one and not the other... there isn't even a reason to pixelate it really, pffft. Anyway, I love these lenses--Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown!

Finally put my dress on, and my necklace I bought during Black Friday from I'm Your Present on etsy had just come, so of course I wore it too.

I've been admiring these die-cut mirrored necklaces for a while, so I finally got one and I am so pleased!

On to the tea! Little christmas tree petit fours!

The whole service. omg, omg, so they made these PICKLE AND CREAM CHEESE sandwiches, and they were dill pickles, and it was plain cream cheese and unf, I want a plate of them right now.

In front of the teapots and things!
In front of the tiny christmas tree!

Ah, so what do we have here? All kinds of festivities! Yesterday was the Winter Solstice. I read the wikipedia page about the different customs for winter solstice. It was very interesting. I wish I could see the Sun's alignment at one of the sites in Ireland or the UK--like sunset at Stonehenge. So many different places around the world with a variety of ways to celebrate! There is a great symbolism with the "long night" ending and the days gradually lengthening again. I suggest doing some reading on the subject--it's fascinating!
Of course, we've also had "the end of the world." I haven't paid much attention to this, so I'm unclear if the world was supposed to end last night... or sometime today? Anyway, that would have sucked as I did all my x-mas shopping last night, haha. I didn't brave those crowds for the world to end just yet! And you really do have to be brave to face the crowds during this time of year. I was almost backed over by a car in a parking lot, and driving was nerve wracking because people are so on edge that they don't pay attention to basic traffic laws. They are always nearly running their cars into you! People are always extra rude in the shops too, so I try to stay extra nice to counteract it (and be especially nice to the people working in the stores because they have all the extra stress).

Hmmm, so that's it for now! Everyone stay safe in all of this craziness!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Autumn is gone, but the gold remains

Chocolate thumbprint cookies I made~ 
Haaaaaay ladies 'n' gents! It totally slipped my mind to mention on the last post that I switched over to Disqus for commenting. I find their setup to be much easier, especially since it automatically notifies commenters when there's a reply without having to "follow" or "sign-up" to the post or whatever silly thing it is that Blogger's comment system makes you do. So, sorry if you dislike Disqus, but I find it much easier.

And the furry hat comes out when it gets cold.

New favorite ring~

And silly faces ensue.

Ah, let's go back to Autumn again. I visited a farm stand with some friends. We got fresh cinnamon sugar cider doughnuts, hot apple cider, and little pumpkins. They even had a corn maze (it wasn't a corn crop, though. It looked a bit like millet).

The goose gourds were very cute.

So many little pumpkins! I got two orange ones and one white one.

Also picked up a baking pumpkin for eating later. I love roasting pumpkin seeds. Somehow when you do it yourself they taste better. Well, and also because I don't salt them :P

The maze looks really creepy, right? This was a few days before Hurricane Sandy hit, so the sky was foreboding.

Never too many accessories.

Halloween followed shortly after. We weren't sure if we would even have a proper Halloween due to the hurricane. Trick-or-treating was postponed for a few days, but Dracula's Ball, the Halloween party I was attending with a friend, was still on! Even if most of the area didn't have electricity back. We can't miss out on our Halloween festivities!
I was a demon-ish thing. Demon dracula baby thing. haha! I just wanted to wear the horns I made again. I hardly ever get to wear them and they look so nice. I wore my h.Naoto Frill dress too~

I looked terrible in every single picture :/

Another thing I love about Autumn: Pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin flavor everything! I got this pumpkin flavor ice cream.

I was also doing some cat-sitting for my sister. This Captain B~ He's so sweet--to the point of annoyance at times, haha! He loves attention and is so affectionate and cuddly.

He purred his way into my photos! so I took some with him.

I just realized the date is off on that photo... but I didn't have an accurate one so I just went with when I put the pictures on my computer. This more like November 1st-ish. ANYWAY, y'know the Japanese pop group Hangry & Angry for h.Naoto? Well, I loved the blonde girl's makeup from the first press photos they did, so I tried a version of it myself. It's the two lines running from the inner eye down to the nose. It's very cat-like~ I started out going for gal with this, but it changed directions at some point and came out a bit VK/Kera, yeah? This is more like my normal style when I'm not trying for any specific thing.

With my new Slytherin hat! I actually got sorted Gryffindor on Pottermore though, so ssshhhhhhh, don't tell! My mom knit it for me as an early Birthday gift <3


I went to a little French bakery with my parents. I love it! This was a raspberry bombe my Dad & I split.

The cake my mom had. I ended up eating some of it too when she couldn't finish it.
I'm posting so much food lately! I actually cut a few food pictures from this post because there were too many. I just can't help it! I like cooking, and even baking, and I just love eating :3