Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Alright, let me be honest. For a while I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING. No makeup, no styling my hair, no dressing nice--and that went for everything, not just gal. I think everyone goes through those spells, where one just has ~rest~
But Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Something about it just gets into my bones and gets me excited and I want to start doing things again. 

 Anyway, I wanted to share an outfit I wore recently. I made a trip into the city to sell some old clothes (got around $15!) and I actually made an effort to look nice, haha.

 Lets call this one "The Wake of the Extensions" especially since we all had a nice drink afterwards and it was my last time wearing them.
 I decided to get one last wear out of these extensions since I bought a matching fringe piece a while ago. There's just no taming these extensions! They're rather old anyway (I think I've had them for at least 4 years). And cheap! Cheap, cheap, cheap fiber!

 Ahhh, I look tired XD but that nice coffee should do the trick.

My first pumpkin coffee of the season! Then a guy came over to us and gave us that box of yogurt. He said they were handing them out on the street and he had already eaten too many. When we got above ground, the company was in fact handing out these yogurts. Hmm.

 Full outfit shot~ 
Top: Macy's//Hat: Deb//Skirt: Outlet store//Cat pin: h.Naoto//Necklace: Alice and the Pirates//Boots: Vintage store//Bag: h.Naoto

OK, recovery complete. 
Now I'm ready to start doing some fun stuff!