Saturday, September 15, 2012

Many Days

Ahhh, I did it again! I disappeared. Well, you see I have something very exciting to share (the planning of which has been gobbling up time).
I finally get to travel! I'm going to Dublin, Wales (down the western side traveling down to Cardiff), and London with my mom & sister for a week. I'm very excited because I have never traveled anywhere outside the US before. I've never been on a plane. I don't actually get to go to too many places. This is all very new to me, and I can't wait for the trip, which will happen in November. Whoo! I'm going to have a whole other post just to nerd out about this trip, because trust me, it is of nerdy nature.

OK, now on to pictures. I changed my hair very dramatically a few weeks ago.

Note dark mark temp tattoo! My friend gave them to our group when we went to the Renaissance Faire  a day earlier.

Ten minutes before this photo, those shorts were a pair of pants. Big bell-bottomed ones too! I didn't have any shorts with frayed edges, and I wanted ones that were shorter in the front than the back ('cause my thighs are all over the place, and it'll get downright indecent ;D)

Swinging earring derp action!
The grey tone washed out leaving me with a blonde shade pretty close to my natural colour. So, I kinda didn't have the hang of doing my hair with it this short here, so I just combed it and was like "ok, done" haha. But I've been seeing some very inspiring pictures of gyaru with short hair around, so I'm definitely going to try some of those styles. Having short hair just works so much better for me. I like how androgynous it can be, and how easy it is to take care of. It's also more versatile. I can have so many more looks now, and if I want it long again I'm just a wig or some clip-ins away from waist-length hair.

IN OTHER NEWS! I got turned on to this tumblr/website/whatever called Unfuck Your Habitat. It is glorious! Different things work for different people, and the style of this place clicked with me. I went there and clicked on the "challenges" tag and went to work. It's a bit like a video games that way, right? Here's your mission, go forth! I cleaned various things, but this corner of me & my brother's common room/guest room/wtf-this-is-an-attic is the nicest. Because I still have all my clothes taking up the rest of the room :/

Then I went to the BEACH
Did my makeup in the car XD

Squinty! Ugh. My eyes seem to water terribly at the beach.

I had no idea what to wear and had about 20 minutes to decide & get ready. Yeah, this isn't very gal. Didn't want to be too over dressed so I just went with bright colours. And I mean... beach shoes? huh? I hate flip-flops but I don't have anything else that's acceptable beach-wear. But now I'm ready to get really fancied up after being casual for a while.

 I almost got the Pikachu on the right with his butt sticking up, but the claw dropped it :( Which is why I don't tend to play these.

 This one was tempting had the plushies not look so frikken cheap in person, haha! So many Spidermans. Nobody wants Spiderman D: fufufu

 Creepy clown. I tried to get my sister to stand in front of it but she wouldn't >:3

 This was a huge Connect Four! omg!

 After having greasy empanadas this was nice. These just make me think of childhood, man.

 And we rode off into the sunset!

So then, a week later I got to go out to goth event with some friends. I went as over the top as possible! Side note, I do not considering this gyaru. This is just fun kinda goth/vk-ish stuff which I love as well. My style kinda all rolled into one though, so I have a lot of cross-over happening in separate styles, which I think is just DANDY.