Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Otakon (briefly), An Outfit, and Holy Cow--over 100 followers!

First, I want to say that I am totally surprised! When I logged on today I saw I had 100+ followers. Wow, and thank you! It gives me more spirit to continue with blogging and this crazy fashion style (even though things get in the way and I can't do either as much as I'd like). I will try harder to make this better~ Really, thanks guys!

I know I've made myself scarce recently. You see, pretty much the entire month of July was dedicated to work. I have been non-stop sewing for the lolita fashion show at Otakon. None of the items are for myself, they are all for sale (thus work). I'm so happy with how everything came out, and it looked great on the models (I wish I could have seen it on the runway too!). It was a lolita collection, so I'm not going to talk about it here, but if you're interested, check out perianthlolita.blogspot.com

 I meant to make a nice "Hey! Heading to Otakon!" post but again, there was so much work. I ended up picking out my own outfits morning-of leaving. I didn't get a chance to make myself anything, so I wasn't very prepared to look good. I ended up with two okay outfits in the end anyway. This one was for Friday's gothic tea party. I had planned on doing a haady gyaru look for Sunday but it was too rushed and I ended up wearing a silly JSG outfit and circle lenses without my makeup, hair, or nails done, haha!

At the gothic tea party. My lucky number for the gift exchange.
This year was more of a social con in that I went to a total of 2 panels. Yep, only 2, but I saw so many people I haven't seen in a long time. It was nice catching up, so in that way I enjoyed it very much.

Food at the gothic tea party.

Hangry & Angry Hellcat Party. I'm the second in on the top left.
 I went to a party the h.Naoto booth held with a friend. We were both like "What should I wear? I didn't bring anything for this!" So I ended up wearing all the h.Naoto clothes I had on hand, haha. I swear it looked better than it does in this pic. At least I hope it did bahaha. Gashicon (Hangry & Angry designer) answered everyone's questions and we were all given a cupcake and a soda.
Unfortunately, I got sick an hour into the car ride home on Sunday--the con plague, lol. It was a really nasty cold, and even though I'm long over it now, it's still lingering with stuffiness.

With being sick, and lots of other things going on, I haven't been doing much in the way of gyaru, sadly. I have a pre-otakon outfit to share though! I wanted to do something a feeling reminiscent of old school gyaru, but with the style makeup I like. Also, this was while my hair was still greyish thanks to a happy toner accident:
 I really love messing around with this photo style now. The house I live in isn't beautiful, so this takes care of that plus it's fun to do!

 Mud on my boots~ haha. At least I'm smiling!

Let's see about an outfit rundown: Top - Forever 21, Skirt - thrifted (Dollhouse, I think), Boots - Steve Madden

 So, I know I'm a bit orange, but it was fun to be tan for a day. I wish I actually had a tan. I used to always have a really nice one as a kid but now I stay indoors wayyy too much.

I've been sticking with just black for my eye makeup lately rather than adding greens or browns. I quite like it this way. Now if I could just find the perfect nude lipstick.

And for your viewing pleasure/horror, the many stupid faces I like to make when the camera intimidates me, haha