Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recent Outfit

Hello again~ I'm just making a quick outfit post before I'm off the the beach.
It's supposed to hit 102 °F today, so of course I'm wanting to stay in the air conditioning and play video games all day, but I'm not going to be anti-social! A friend is visiting for the day!

Anyway... the outfit! My sister got me this top actually. I normally don't wear strapless tops, but I like the styling on this one except for its poorly placed snaps on the chest  (´Д`)
Soooo, this is the only place in my house that I can take pictures now >_>
My grandmother and my other sister got rid of some furniture and we took it for some reason, so now the house is a maze of table legs and cupboards. I hope we sort it out soon, but it's been so HOT.

 Right, so this was my last hurrah with my light blonde hair actually. The next day I dyed it back to my natural color (medium blonde). My hair actually turned blonde grey instead XD I'll post pictures of that next time.

 lolololol... I've been wanting to do purikura for the longest time now, but the place I went to a few times closed down, so I did some photoshop instead, psssh. Like mah Donkey Kong brushes?

My hair is super frizzy because the humidity+cheap extensions =_= *gives up*
Got the Princess Mimi whatever the rest of the name is lenses in brown. They're really cute, but I'm slightly disappointed in them. I think I should have gotten the grey to match my eye color! Pictures of these lenses online are fabulous, they look so cute, but I'm thinking they look best if you get them the same color as your own eye. Once I wear them a bit more I'll review them, time permitting.

 And cell pictures. Yeah, I'm totally picspamming this for some reason. Ugh.

 Le eye make~ I'm thinking of adding a third pair of falsies to the top because they just aren't as long as I'd like. Once I get them to reach the outer corner, there isn't *quite* enough for the inner corner. Do any of you have that problem? What do you do about it?

Choco Pies are one of my weaknesses.

Question time! I'll ask this on a gyaru comm as well, but I want to hear what things you guys do to tame your extensions! When I do a curly hairstyle, hairspray is enough to keep everything in check usually, but with straight styles my extensions tend to tangle up easily, especially now in the heat & humidity when my hair likes to get frizzy. What products and/or techniques do you find helpful to tame your tresses?