Friday, June 15, 2012

Red hair!

 Whooo! I just got through a whole week of sewing last week in preparation for AnimeNEXT. I split a table with some friends and we sold things (will have a post for that later!). After getting back Sunday night I kinda collapsed on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory. Then on Monday I went to my grandma's house. I did some gyaru makeup, put on my red wig, but didn't get any outfit shots ;_;

Actually, I was accosted later in a store by a little girl. She said she liked my 'hair' (hur-hur) and that is was her favorite colour, and I told her I liked it because it was my favorite Disney Princess, Ariel's, hair colour. And the floodgates opened, haha. She showed me her mom, and the stuff she was buying and everything! I had to go pay and leave to get away, haha! She was really sweet though. I wish I had been that outgoing as a kid.

I discovered my cell phone camera, which has double the megapixels of my mom's, takes worse pictures than her's. Grrrr. So this bottom one is mine, and first two are her's.

And just so the whole post isn't mahface, here's a delicious sandwich I had. With sweet potato fries!

I started playing this a few days ago because I realized I have a lot of PS2 games I never played, and that system is outdated now. My rule to myself is: I must play all my unplayed PS2 games before I'm allowed to get a newer system. Also, it gives me time to actually get enough money together to buy a new system XD I'm leaning towards Xbox360 at the moment. Any favorites?