Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Theme

Just a quick outfit post that I never got around to! Here's an outfit I did for the Kawaii.i contest (the first one they did). I didn't win anything, and I didn't expect to because I just did it for fun and spent, like, zero time doing the outfit. It was another one of my compulsive pastel explosions. They did use my full outfit shot for a roll of submitted pictures on the show, so I was on tv for, like, half a second! Haha.
The show is nothing new if you're familiar with Japanese street fashion. Akira was on it and I luvvv her, so I watched the whole thing. The second episode airs today, so tune in if you're interested. They're streaming it for free on NHK World's website if you catch it during it's airtime. I'm actually very interested in the second contest they held, which had to feature an item you made in your outfit. I would have loved to have entered that one, but I was too busy and missed the deadline ;_;
Trying to smile, lulz. I went with some lime green eyeshadow, which matches my nails, but I wanted everything else to be kinda peachy, so I did peach blush and peachy-nude lip.
The theme was "Spring" so I wanted to be colorful and fresh.

 Outfit Rundow (kinda): hat: F21, hoodie: Target Kids, dog top: F21, purple stole that I wear with everything whenever I can: H&M, capris: thrift store, shoes: DSW

This is the outfit shot I submitted, so if you watched the first episode of Kawaii.i, you might have (very briefly) seen it.

My "detail" shot. Whatever, I've had weirder things on my head than a mini My Little Pony.

 My mom got me this water-gun blunderbuss. It shoots really far, and I think will prove quite handy in the summer... any time now. Family members watch out!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival

 The Cherry Blossom Festival, Sakura Sunday.This was, like, a month ago. Too be honest, I kept putting this post off because I find it a little... well.. boring? The park didn't have any cherry blossoms left on the trees, and there wasn't much to take pictures of. I had a really nice time hanging out with my fellow lolis though~ We got photographed by a lot of newspapers and event people, but I guess they never used them since none of us could find the pictures XD

Anyway, please take a look~ You can see the dress I made out of that orange striped fabric!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner

First I wanted to say thank you to everyone who offered condolences on the last post. Really, thank you guys, you're so sweet.

Right, so here's a quick product review. Another e.l.f. product, because I'm now smitten with a lot of their products. This review is for their Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black.
 This only cost $1. Yep, one dollar.
 As you can see the point is fine. It's a solid end (like a felt tip), not a brush end, but does have flexibility so you can control the thickness and density of your line.
Here I've drawn on the back of my hand. The first line is a side-swipe of the applicator tip, the middle is with hardly any pressure, and the last line (on the right) is with  bit of pressure. It gives a nice solid line, and I was happy with the ease of application. It isn't messy, therefore it's easy to control where it goes. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. It isn't smudge proof either, like other waterproof eyeliners I have tried. It won't melt off (under normal circumstances), but if you accidentally rub it, it's gonna smear. Also, obviously, if you get it wet, it isn't going to stay either.
I had a little accident soon after with this. The lid snaps into place, but I was late getting somewhere, and a little flustered, so I didn't snap the lid all the way back into place. I put the eyeliner in my bag, where the lid came off, and the eyeliner dried up before I found it. Luckily, the inside of my bag was black! So I have no idea if it got all over or not. I can't accurately say how much product there was/how long it lasts because of this, but have a couple of days of heavy application, it did seem like it was starting to run out. I won't know for sure until I buy it again.

Pros Cons
  • Only $1
  • Easy to apply
  • Nice dark line
  • NOT waterproof
  • Smudges

My final say on this is: If you're in a bind and you just need something cheap that works, get this! For it's $1 price range it's an excellent eyeliner. Just keep in mind that it is not waterproof. You also probably get the amount you pay for--small amount, small price. Sounds like a decent trade off to me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 A few days ago, my kitty Jhonen, better known as Jojo or Josephine, passed away. It was completely unexpected, especially since she had just had her check-up at the vet only three weeks ago. We can only guess it was something internal. She's always been a very small thing cat. She was so delicate.

She is very loved, and I will miss her so much. She was my little Jojo... the slightly insane kitty. She never bit or clawed anyone, but liked affection on her terms. She was very silly. She rarely liked for anyone to pick her up, but she would gladly, of her own accord, jump up and lay in your lap contented for hours on end. She liked to curl up into an impossibly small ball in a variety of places, or stretch out on the radiator or in the sun. And she absolutely loved chasing the laser pointer dot.

 Having this be sudden... I'm not sure if it's made it easier or harder. In the past I was always there petting and whispering reassurances in the end, but this time I wasn't there to stroke her fur one last time and tell her I love her. I know that she knew, and she had a good life. This is what I have to remember. I want to blame myself for something, anything. I doubt there's anything we could have done, so I don't want these negative feelings to take root. I want to think of my little Jo with a warm heart. I'll think of her and smile, remembering the joy she brought. My little Jojo.

 To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
-Thomas Campbell

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nerd Alert

 Hello! Do you like my cheesy photo? Haha. Ok, it's an older one, and an older outfit from Autumn. I admit I haven't had much time to do gyaru lately. My eyes have been so watery (allergies) that all of my makeup just comes right off. I put on false eyelashes, but because my eyes are watering they lift off and won't stick back down. So I gave up for a bit =_=;

Anyway, I want to show what I was up to on April 13th, also FRIDAY the 13th! Haha. This was when they were filming Doctor Who in NYC, so I was really hoping we'd run into them filming, or even just run into one of the actors. No such luck!

 We did lots of shopping. Especially in the garment district, huu huu hu!

 We went to Book Off so I could pick up a G&LB, but they didn't have any, so we went to Kinokuniya instead and got some snacks as well. I got an onigiri because I love pickled plum. I'm always trying to find things to put it on. One delicious way to eat it (besides with rice) is with some cream cheese on bread. Yum! If you like olive & cream cheese, you'll like umeboshi & cream cheese too!

 This van had a very patriotic door. Double doors in the back of a van are weird enough, haha!

We went to Nintendo World! This was my first time there--I just never really found a chance to go. It was really fun because we're all a bunch of nerds, so we're walking around going "AH! LOOK AT THIS! OMG!" haha

 Pokemon figures. I stayed away from the wall of packages Pokemon figurines because I knew I'd probably come home with one otherwise. My Pez collection is quite large enough, thank you.

 Oh gosh, these were everywhere and they were so cute!

 Bin of Pikachu(s)

 So cute! I wanted a Mew but couldn't justify bringing home another cute stuffed toy XD My room is getting cramped.

There was a little museum section that was great. I have a lot of this stuff, so I was kind of funny seeing it behind glass like relics.
 The original Gameboy! I still have mine and it still works, which I always thought was a miracle considering how hard I was on it as a kid, but then I saw this guy to the left. It's been through a war and it still works!


 I wish I still had some of my Pokeballs from McDonalds. Remember? They had "gold" cards inside. I still have all of my cards though. And the little paper playing mat, even though I never played the game, just collected the cards.

 Zelda stuff! So many Link figures.

 More Zelda stuff. I love that everything is golden. Check out that Wiimote. I want it! I have to get a Wii first though.

 Loved the Nintendo gun. That thing was fun.

 Donkey Kong! I used to play Donkey Kong Country for hours when I was a kid.

 Yoshi and angry Goomba backpacks.
 The stairs between the levels.

Ground floor. There was a tournament going on that day so it was very crowded.

 After all of that excitement we got ramen. I forgot the name of the place but it was nearby. I had Vegetable miso flavor. The bowls were so huge though that most of us couldn't finish, so we poured them all together and made frankenramen. I didn't get to partake of this because I had to go back home.

Walking through Times Square.
 I love taking pictures right here. The lights are so pretty and there's always energy in Times Square (though I avoid it at all costs if I have luggage or am running late, haha).

Big "Avengers" ad on Toys R Us. I'm so excited. I'm going to see it TONIGHT!
 Yessss, I am very excited to see Avengers! I even bought a toy Thor helmet/mask.

Gothic & Lolita Bible & EGG magazines from Kinokuniya
I got a Hylian shield which is actually a mint tin and a triforce belt buckle from Nintendo World
Orange & White seersucker fabric for a dress!
I made this into a dress the very next day to wear to Sakura Sunday. I'm posting those pictures in the next entry! ^_^

Pink lining I needed and a starry impulse buy. Stars are my favorite!

And now here's the rest of that outfit from the beginning:
 This was blurry, and I discovered my favorite thing to do to pictures that aren't great quality is to play with them a little. So I changed the background to make it colourful.

 My Dad gave me that hat, which I think of as my "Hard Gay" hat XD My sister gave me the poncho, which I think of as "The poncho my sister gave me" ;D

 Messy braids.
Thanks for reading!