Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cell Phone Pics and Regular Life Galore

Do you like my host-esque look? Haha! I turn into a prowling man whenever I try to do regular VK style so I end up looking like a host. I was also trying out how a septum piercing would look. I like that it can be flipped up and hidden, and if I decide to take it out, the scars won't show. It seems like the best choice for a facial piercing, but I'm on the fence about it.

Ah, I'm too busy (and lazy when I do get the down time) to edit pictures from last weekend. I went to the Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival. We had a lolita meet and I made a creamsicle dress! Well, I'll talk all about that when I post the pictures, which will happen soon! I also visited friends in New York City again and we went fabric shopping and made a stop at Nintendo World where we all nerded out for a while.

 Some gifts from ThinkGeek! The sonic screwdriver keychain was part of a gift for a friend and the Star Trek onesie is for my nephew. Now I want to get a Blue Sun (Firelfy/Serenity) t-shirt for myself. They have great service. The shipping was fast, and I get redeemable points for future purchases.

My hair was still brown here~

 I've put off mentioning this because I'm so afraid something will go wrong, but I'm planning on going back to school for Physics. It's scary and exciting all at once. Physics is something I have a deep interest in, and it's been a dream of mine to work for NASA for a very long time. I'm not dead-set on NASA anymore, but I'm positive that I want to work in the field of science. I'm not sure which avenue of physics I will be pursuing yet, but I have a year to figure that out since it'll take me a year and a half to get my Associates degree! In the meantime, I will hold an A.A.S. in Fashion Design and I haven't decided if I will continue into textile science with it yet or not. It's hard (basically impossible) getting a serious fashion-related job without living in New York City.

serious business

Lately I've been listening to a lot of rockabilly/psychobilly music with some of my punk favorites again. I admit, I've also been listening to a lot of 90's dance hits via my RuPaul pandora station. Anyway, I feel like this (the psychobilly & punk, not the 90's dance XD) is something that has been missing from my life. It just feels very true and in sync with my spirit.

My playlist has consisted of:
The Dropkick Murphys
Tiger Army
The Misfits
Flogging Molly
Social Distortion

Listen to them if you haven't yet!

 So, I saw this.

 I ate this, though not all of it. These were the size of my head. Probably bigger. Chocolate chip pancakes always sound like a really good choice, but I end up regretting them in the end because they're so rich.

Yep. Ate this too. Vegan cheesesteak and cucumber soda. This cheesesteak place used to be a grimy hole-in-the-wall but now it has changed. It's all vegetarian (mostly vegan) now, I believe and a whole lot cleaner/more brightly lit. The soda was very...interesting. If you've ever tried cucumber water, this tastes like that, but sweetened slightly and carbonated. I love cucumber water, I did not love this, but I'm glad I tried it! It's very unique.

I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of my cat XD

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going out in Leopard

Oh my goodness, look at how long it's been since I posted... Actually, no, don't look! Haha!
Let's see, I've had a lot of mundane things happening lately peppered with really fun stuff. I've been doing things like taking sales pictures for egl_comm_sales, taking dresses to the dry cleaners, taking my sewing machine to the repair shop, cleaning around the house, taking my dog & cat to the vet, etc.
As for fun things, I've done some things on the weekend like going to a "British" pub in the city with my fellow lolitas, and finally hanging out in gyaru~ And of course Easter just happened, which we don't really celebrate. It's just another excuse for my family to get together and enjoy each others company and relax.
The arch in Chinatown, Philadelphia.
My local lolita group, which became active again about a year ago, decided to have a casual lolita day which turned into an alternate fashion day. In other words, we got to wear whatever style we felt like showing off. At first I wasn't sure which to pick: casual loli, visual kei, oshare kei, punk, or gyaru. In the end I picked gyaru because I was really hoping I wouldn't be the only one. And I wasn't! It was such a blast. We represented a lot of styles (decora, VK, goth, lolita, gyaru, and some personal style). This was seriously the best time I've had in a while. We could all just talk and hang out.
 Whoops! I take creeper pictures! (I'm the one in leopard, btw)

 We went to this noodle house and sat around a big round table~

 I got cold sesame noodles and a thai iced tea. The noodles were chewy, but I assume that's because they're hand-drawn? I had shaved noodles once and they were similarly chewy. Anyway, after a heavy hand with the sriracha hot sauce, these were pretty good. Mmmhhmm. The thai iced tea was weak :(

 Then we did some shopping and got bubble tea and desserts. I bought some fried bao to take home for later and got an avocado smoothie with yogurt pop boba. I have been craving this for MONTHS. Oh god, it was so good.

 The lighting was so bad in this bathroom, and I didn't even realize until I uploaded these pictures XD

 My outfit. I don't feel like doing a rundown. It's stuff I wear a lot anyway, except for the shoes. They were the piece I did the outfit around.

 My bag and belts.

 Necklaces, nails, and rings. I did these nails so quickly the night before. I've never done leopard print before (or any type of pattern before, actually). I think they turned out alright! The middle fingers have a union jack on them, but the light hit it weird in the pic, so you can see it :/

Meeting in the ladies room~
  We were a hoard of black, mostly XD I think I don't take enough pictures in general of things when I go out, so I'm gonna try to improve that. I feel weird taking pictures of other people though~ So maybe none of those still. Some people don't like their photos being taken, y'know? :P

Hair & Makeup before leaving the house. I think everything stayed in good shape considering how windy it was that day. These blue lenses probably aren't going to be making too many more appearances because I've noticed they seem to throw off the look of my makeup.
Ah, I was bit tired looking as well because I stayed up watching Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking and Doctor Who >.< I don't regret it.

You can see the bottom, but I've got sweatpants on XD I wore them on the train because I didn't want to get creeped on. Ah, it's really not funny I guess. I don't wear sweatpants out of the house. So these silly sweatpants combined with my fancy hair & makeup was humorous to me.
 On an unrelated note, I tried this soda today. How can I pass up a $1 soda that dares me to try it and has a devil tail? I can't! So I tried it. It's nice. I'm not a big fan of ginger, but this was tasty, and I think I'll be getting another one if I ever feel queasy.
Also, this has sugar to sweeten it instead of high fructose corn syrup. I want to know... is North America the only country using HFCS in, like, everything under the sun? I buy Mexican Coca-cola when I want a soda because they use SUGAR. The American one uses HFCS and I hate that stuff. The other day I was eating a  Special K cereal bowl my dad brought home, and I noticed it even has HFCS in it. It's supposed to be a diet cereal! I swear, it's in everything. I try very hard to avoid it but ultimately end up eating in something.