Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dhol, Dagga, & Tihli

I've been wanting to share this for some time, but the night I edited these photos I was running entirely on caffeine and you'll see the result of that in some of the photo editing XD I've actually had a very serious mood for the past week and that's why I haven't posted yet. I've been waiting for it to pass so I can get back to fun times! And this morning when my open window being rattled by a strong pleasant breeze woke me, and the sunlight was pouring in with the fresh scent of Spring, I knew it was going to be fun times again, haha~

So now I feel alright posting. I'm so slow getting things posted. I'll say "I'm doing this new thing!" but you won't see it until a month later because I'm slow! No, maybe busy. Slow and busy! I go at my own turtle pace ;D

Onto the subject! I love Bhangra music. I love drums. I love the deep bass boom and clean tik-tik of the dhol. A little while ago I received some money back that was totally unexpected, and instead of being the rational person I usually am, pinching every penny when it comes to personal expense, I was the impulsive version of myself that surfaces once in a while. And I bought a dhol. I got the cheapest one I could find on ebay, and a week later it arrived. I happened to be in a state of gyaru at the time, so enjoy my ridiculousness~
The joy! Can you see it!?
Dholi time
I have a lot to learn, but I was happy to find out I'm not a terrible beginner. I have to self-teach using videos on the internet. I did take real drum lessons once, so some of that is useful with the dhol. Lots of practice! I need lots of practice and then maybe I can do a video showing everyone my magical dhol power & rhythm XD

I was in the middle of a hair & makeup test at the time, and was just wearing casual clothes--not very gyaru unless it was some strange alternate universe haddy (kidding). But in the spirit of taking pictures, I did an outfit shot anyway.

These are things I've been trying to get myself to part with actually. I consider this my "disaster outfit" skirt, because whenever I wear it my outfit is a disaster XD
I bought a bunch of Toki Doki tees at one point because they were on clearance at Macy's for $5-$10 and I thought they were cute, but I hate t-shirts! Well, one with a regular neck anyway. It feels like it's choking me! And again, I want pastel stuff GONE! Outta my life! It doesn't suit me!

The event I was testing hair & makeup for... well, I kept the braids and flower, but you'll see what happened with my hair & makeup when I get to posting that ^o^
 I haven't picked up my new ~green~ cirlce lenses yet, so I just went without. I like the look of not having them as well. I can't wait to try green though!

 Because I never seem to smile! I have one face when it comes to pictures, and I always look angry, so there! Haha. Also, sorry about the weird white-out wall. Our cat's scratch pad was hanging there looking pretty ragged. Crazy cats.

Anyone else play an instrument? I'm learning guitar & bass as well, but I'm best at playing my stereo ~o^

Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: e.l.f. powder duo eyeshadow (browns)

I bought this box set on a whim at TJ Maxx one weekend when I was visiting my sister. I was tempted by the low price and the bunny on the back marking it as cruelty free. I'm so glad I did! I'm going to focus on the browns out of this set since they're the colours I've used quite a few times now, but I'll write a tiny bit about the black/grey and blue/navy palettes too.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have a lot to update about, but I have to edit the pictures first! I can't believe it's been a week already, because I meant to update last Friday, and now it's next Friday. Argh! Anyway, I've got some random things for now.

A pretty sunset
Doggie hears a noise
The current state of my cell phone decorations
A... distinctive van
Barley succotash that I made one night
The whole meal: Black bean burger & succotash
I tried this vegan jerky. I love chewy savory things and these were about $1 each. They were good, but tasted a lot like the seitan that I make, so I think I could actually make a huge batch myself at home! Of course, these are perfect for on-the-go and they're yummy!

I went out shopping one day. It was rainy, and just one of those days. Everything just happened out of conflicting interests. Pants or skirt? Wear leggings with skirt! Boy or girl? Short hair with makeup! Punky or elegant? Velvet blazer and spiked accessories! Haha. At least I finally wore that skirt. I got it at the thrift store with the intention to take it in smaller because it's a large and will literally fall off of me, but I did the lazy thing and safety pinned it a bit XD It's still obviously too big because all the excess fabric goes between my legs when I move around and then it looks like I'm wearing shorts.

Later when I got home I changed my outfit around a bit. Tried to VK it up.

The end of the mead. I don't like sweet alcohol actually, so I'm surprised the bottle got finished in 4-5 months. Yeah. Months.

Breakfast. Whole grain toast with lemon curd, oat bran ( I loooooove oat bran so much), fresh fruit and assorted nuts. And of course, not pictured, tons of coffee.

Okay! Coming up are lots of review posts! I'll put some non-review posts in between too. I have a lot of e.l.f. cosmetics to review, 2 circle lens reviews, a sunless tanner review, and as always lots of outfits and the flotsam & jetsam of my life.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Belated Valentine's Day Happenings + Gets

Wow, thank you guys for so many comments on the last post! And all of these followers! I'm amazed, and I just want to hug all of you! Thank you for reading my silly blog <3

And in this spirit of love, I think I should belatedly post what I did for Valentine's Day. Oh, it was only about two and half weeks ago! XD Okay, okay, I promise I'm going to get on schedule posting these things in the future. Anyway, I went to a lolita meetup in the city~

I made these cheesy Valentines to give to everyone. First I was just going to give everyone some lenticular Valentines I had (Batman themed & Disney themed) with cheesy pick-up lines written on the back, but at the last minute I decided I wanted to do something a little more personal and made these ones featuring things I loved (and still love) from my childhood. Still with cheesy pick-up lines XD

I ended up taking longer than I meant to getting ready that morning and was an hour late to the meet. You can never rely on trains! Because I was actually only running behind by 20 minutes, but the train was late too =_= I missed the first stop of the meet (at Max Brenner's), but met up with everyone at stop #2, the Corner Bakery Cafe. I got a little lost trying to find it, so that added to my lateness, but I got there shortly after everyone else, so it wasn't too bad.

My outfit. I'm not 100% pleased with it (and it was raining so some of my curls fell out). It was one of those outfits that you lay out flat, but when you put it on it doesn't look as good XD I didn't have time to change though, and I hardly ever wear that skirt, so I went with it.

Outfit rundown: Hat - borrowed from my Dad; Blouse & jabot - Alice and the Pirates; Belt - Wet Seal; Skirt - Bodyline; Boots - A discount store.

I had this amazing panini. It had poblano peppers, avocado, and an assortment of other tasty things. I was so into my sandwich that I almost didn't hear when someone asked me a question XD So I left the other half for later and we all talked for a few hours and exchanged valentines.

Valentines! Lot's of yummy things to consume and sweet things to read <3

After the cafe, we did a little shopping at a beauty supply store and went to Krispy Kreme. I had never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut before so I bought a heart shaped one. It was delicious! ;D

Later, I went to a friends house and we exchanged valentines and watched The Thing prequel together while eating delicious food she prepared for us <3 Mhhhmmmm!
The special effects in this movie were pretty amazing actually. They created as much of it as possible in real life so that everything would look realistic. The animatronics were brilliant!

I also wanted to show some things I got recently.

I've had my eye on this fabric for a while and I finally ordered some. I love the Dala horses in the pattern. My plans are to make a lolita dress~ I have it all drawn out and shall be making it soon!

I also bought this parasol from BTSSB. It's my first parasol! Haha, all these years of wearing lolita and I *finally* buy a parasol. I'm totally in love with it.

Lastly I have a few rock gal pics. I should have posted them with the last entry because I actually wore this the day after that outfit, so it's older. I still had my DM23 lenses ;o;
 I know this outfit doesn't look crazy or "out there" but after going out everyone was eying me like I was an alien. It was weird! I thought this looked really normal, but everyone was giving me a wide berth and would stop talking when I walked by while giving me strange looks. I don't notice things like that usually because I'm so used to going out wearing lolita, but this was so obvious I couldn't ignore it, haha! Suburbanites need to get out more.

Remember how I said I wore this the day after the last outfit I posted, and that was awhile ago? Right! I'm not ignoring the super nice advice I got to try and blend/connect the lower lashes by using some black liner/shadow--this was just done before that XD I actually just got some new makeup so my newest method looks a bit different now anyway~

 I really like this look. At the time I thought my eyes looked huge (like, too huge) with such a short wig, but looking back I really like everything. I need to do rock style more! More, I say!

I promise next time I do droopy lower lashes I will try the liner/shadow thing and see how it looks~! ;D Besides bright, tropical colour eyeshadow, browns and nudes are my favorite. I used e.l.f. light brown & dark brown shadow for this (along with a white powder and black shadow from mac). I have a review for some e.l.f. products coming up!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pastel Pas Seul

I've been feeling a bit lonely lately, especially in regards to gyaru. Now I think I know what all of the girls who write “I wish I had a lolita friend” feel like. When you like something that most people would consider bizarre, or at least strange, it's a relief to talk to someone that likes the same thing. I remember I could talk about lolita for hours when I started going to meet ups, and I met such wonderful people that--lolita or not--I love hanging out with. I'm so happy that this fashion harbored these bonds, because they extend beyond it now. I'd love to experience that with gyaru as well, because who else can I talk to about putting on 3 sets of false lashes, circle lenses, crazy nails, and egg magazine? It's a totally different world, and I almost feel like a totally different person.
This is pretty funny actually... I had a dream about this very thing the other night. In the dream I was in a Chinatown style store. You know, the kind that has a little bit of everything. I was going to look for some 3D nails (probably because I'm looking for them in waking XD). As I rounded the corner to go look at the nails, I see a group of gyaru from behind! But they are are walking through the store really fast, away from my location. I start after them, but I can't see their faces. I start saying "Excuse me... Excuse me... Excuse me!” But they aren't answering so I start saying “I'm not a weirdo trying to harass you, I wanted to tell you that I think you look great!” and one of them said something like “We know, but we don't care. We're leaving.” And then they were out the door and gone and I was a lone gyaru again. And as if my mind took pity on me, in the dream I noticed a hat that had fallen on the floor and thought it looked like it might be a Cocolulu hat so I picked it up. It was a Cocolulu hat, and in one of my favorite colour schemes from them, blue & yellow. Thanks, dream... I guess? XD

Right so, let's talk about this look. This was actually from, like, two weeks ago (here I go again, late with the pictures). I wanted to try a more dramatic eye, so I put on my lower lashes so that they "drooped." I don't know how well this works on me... it seems that I have two different eye shapes or something. One eye seems rounder than the other, so it's hard to make them look even >.<

This always happens. I don't mean to turn into a pastel melange, it just happens.

I've even started removing pastel colour items from my wardrobe as a safeguard. But then I saw this top and thought "I haven't worn this in ages" and then saw the bottoms and thought the same thing.
It just happens.

Top: Top Shop (thrifted)
Bottoms: Thrifted
Shoes: Reebok (gift)
Star purse: Swimmer

All of the accessories... so many... they're all from different places so I'll just name my favorites. The Pokemon Muk (or is it Grimer? Who can tell with sludge Pokemon XD) necklace is from Minty Mix. The Barbie shoe necklace is from Michelle's Charm World on etsy, and the little Onistuka tiger hanging from my pants is from the Toki Doki collab. He's wearing a track suit!
I did a little something with my nails that morning. Nothing fancy, just using up leftover nail art stickers. I love that glitter nail polish, but it peels right off. Cheap nail polish!

 I went into TJ Maxx and found that they had remodeled their dressing rooms. Now they have excellent bright lights down both sides of the mirror, so I couldn't help taking advantage of it for photos since there's always such poor lighting in my house.