Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Circle lenses - Dueba DM23 in Violet

The bottles on the right. The left side is Geo Nudy in Grey. Review coming soon!
 Product: Dueba/G&G Big DM23 Violet
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%

This is my own unsponsored review.
I have been using these lenses for nearly a year now, so I've had a nice long trial period to give them as a best a review as can. I meant to review these months ago, but things kept coming up. On to the review!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Salem, Massachusetts

 This was the weather during the six hour drive to Salem. Rainy, overcast, foggy; just generally gross. I do love when the tops of Manhattan's tallest get lost in the fog. It's so pretty.

I'm putting this very large entry under a cut~

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink & Black & Poofy

Oh my, I did it again. I left this blog go for longer than I meant to without updating. Well, I've been traveling, you'll see! I went to Salem, MA with some friends a little while ago, so I'll post about that soon. I've also been doing the usual--lolita meets, hanging out with friends, some stray adventures, and the like. I want to start making more meaningful posts instead of just "Here's what I wore on this day!" although they'll still be lots of those XD So I guess this is going to turn into a bit more than "just my gyaru outfits blog." I hope it will be entertaining~

For now I just have this outfit I've been meaning to post (after I just say I want to post more than outfits XD). I've had this JSG petticoat skirt for a while, but it doesn't go with my wardrobe really, and I can't use it as a lolita petticoat because it's the wrong shape. Very triangular! haha. Anyway, my sister had just given me these faux corset tops, and one happened to be pink and black~ The little dots on the JSG skirt are pink, so perfect! And I ended up with a very girly, princessy outfit. It still has a touch of punk though. I just love my studded things too much, I guess.

The hair accessories are from Claire's, earrings from Charlotte Russe, hip pouch from Sex Pot Revenge, skirt from JSG, tights from H&M, and the rest is secondhand/thrifted. The boots are one of my favorite finds. I got them at a flea market for $5 (it might have been $10, it was a long time ago) and they had only been worn once. Ah, I love good 'n' cheap finds :D

My eye makeup.

This reminds me that I had a thought about false lashes & a connection to hair volume. Well, I'll get into that when I post photos with super short hair!!

Some posts that are coming up soon are:
*Salem, MA trip (featuring the House of Seven Gables)
*Circle lens reviews (Geo Nudy Grey, Dueba DM23 Violet, G&G GBT Blue)
*Philadelphia Museum of Art trip
*Outfit catch-up. So many outfits, holy moly, so many.