Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Into the City

My tourist-y photo.
I'm trying very hard to do more social things this year, so I've been jumping at the chance to get out. The weekend before last I went to a lolita meet up and just this past weekend I went into NYC to celebrate a friend's birthday. In between those two weekends I managed to get some things done as well, like lightening my hair (which I'm still not done with) and cleaning up around the house, especially my room.
This weather... While I was waiting at the bus stop (to go to NYC for the birthday party) the wind started blowing and my eyes began watering and didn't stop until an hour and a half of being on the bus! I didn't have enough time to reapply my makeup, and my false eyelashes had come off and were gross and damp so I just wiped as much off as I could and gave up.

There was snooooooow!
Phantom of the Opera lion thanks to snow
I stopped at Book Off on the way to see what used magazines they had since they're so cheap, but the only thing they had that I was slightly interested in was a June 2010 issue of Ageha. It was $4 so I got it anyway since it has a lot of hair & makeup tutorials in it.

Shia and Sam share a special bond. They come to all the best parties with me.
After side-stepping all of the gross half-melted puddles of sloshy snow we made it to the karaoke party! Birthday karaoke! We were a party of around 25 and had to be split between two rooms.

Afterward most everyone continued on to part two which was seeing Beauty & the Beast 3D but I skipped out with a few other friends and we went to Cosi for food and conversation about 90's WWF/WWE wrestling, toilet themed restaurants, Doctor Who, and teeth <3

My gift for the birthday girl. You better work ;D

Hellooo Branson~ (photo copyright its respective owner)
After a few hours we met back up with the birthday party and headed on to upstate NY. They had a foot of snow or more and it was so pretty. I'm a butthead and didn't take an outfit shot for the day. Actually, I was just really tired. After some sleep, more food, and terrible & great movies I started the journey home. After about 5 hours of traveling on trains and buses, and waiting for either trains or buses, I was back home. It doesn't usually take that long, fyi. Somehow I managed to stay awake for Downton Abbey, because I'm obsessive freak XD but then I fell asleep instantly.

My hair, as you can see from previous posts has been a mediumish brown for a while. I've been wanting blonde hair since summer, so I finally started on the road to blondness.
It isn't there yet, but it will be soon! These things take time and copious amounts of deep conditioning XD So in the meantime it'll be this weird orange/yellow/white colour. Whee!
Bleaching hair usually makes me nervous. It's a messy pain in the butt and you can end up turning your hair into jelly. Not delicious, girl, not delicious.

It actually doesn't look this orange in real life. My camera is just cheap artistic like that.
Do you ever have those days where you're trying to get dressed, and no matter what you put on, it isn't right? I was having one of those. I really wanted to wear this skirt, but it doesn't go with much. I had to make it for school with the theme of "1990's," so I thought of the Spice Girls. I remembered having some flared skirts in the 90's, and micro minis were in fashion, so I combined those two things. A flared mini skirt is actually really hard to wear because it's not a typical silhouette.

Outfit Rundown:
beanie: Deb
spike necklace: Target
cross necklace: F21
longsleeve shirt: vintage 80's
sheer cami: h.Naoto Blood
belt: pay/half
skirt: handmade
boots: Bongo

Side note: My hair isn't styled because it's resting in between bleaching sessions. Shhhh, tired hair. Rest more <3 I'll condition you again in the morning!
 I did a less heavy false eyelashes this time around and didn't bother with bottom ones. I also forgot to put in my lenses, but I think that it was a nice change.

One of our kitties. He never stops trying to get in your lap if you sit at the kitchen table.

Monday, January 16, 2012


I was waiting until I did something in gyaru, but I hate putting off updating, so have some lolita instead! XD I'll put an older gyaru outfit at the end of the post.

Lately all of my lolita outfits have been punk lolita or have some sort of studded accessories worked in. I just can't seem to help myself. I love studs and leopard print. My wardrobe since thirteen has consisted of black, band t-shirts, more black, plaid, leopard print everything, and even more black, so it's only natural. Haha

Lately I've been trying to make a more to something more lady-like, but I've failed. I'm just too attracted to tacky shiny things and bold colours and LEOPARD. Always with the leopard...

Anyway, I did this outfit because I wanted to wear these shoes with lolita and see how it looked. I really like the outcome and wore them with another lolita outfit recently~
Click 'em to make 'em bigger.
I can't stop picspamming these babies, sorry.
Here are more gifts from friends. They're actually birthday gifts, but I didn't see anyone for my birthday, so I got them a little later. Rilakkuma bears (a cell pouch & holder) that are super soft and in love (they were holding each other before my cell phone got in the way XD), a Rilakkuma tote, a ton of Rilakkuma stickers, lacey wrist cuffs (customized by friend), brown and cream wrist warmers (made by friend), and hangry&angry arm warmers. I love them all <3

Rewind!!! Summer 2011

 From Summer, 2011. I loved all of the earth tones everywhere, so I put this outfit together. I had to pick up some things at the fabric store, then had some delicious things a PF Changs.

I know there's a lot of Winter weather left, but I can hardly wait for it to get warm again. I do love the snow though, so if only it would snow to distract me! :P

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's a New Year

I feel like with 2011 over I can breathe fresh air. It's no different than any other time, really, but this freshness makes me feel like I can accomplish things. I finally finished college at the end of 2011 so I'll have an A.A.S. degree, even though I won't get to "walk" (with honors!) until a few months from now. I did a lot of soul searching this past year and though I have a lot of things I have to work out, I think I'm more sure about myself. In this coming year I plan to TRAVEL. I want to go new places and do new things. I want to drink in my surroundings and experience different ways of life.

I kept my hair the same colour for an entire year. Now that's an accomplishment for me XD I've been wanting to go blonde for a while now though, so I started off the new year with an... interesting hair colour. I had a little bleach mishap. So now I'm half brunette, half ginger/blonde mix.

 I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows a second time, this time with my sister & mom, and this was my look for the day. It was nice seeing it when I wasn't really tired, and also because it's just a really great movie. Action, suspense... romance that I feared only my fangirl mind was seeing =_=

Fun fun fun hair XD
Ugh, intense light on my face, but this pic showed my hair the best.

I'm actually a member of the camelid family. It explains a lot.
In the theater bathroom~ Whoo~
Right, so, the sweater was actually a belated xmas gift from meh mum. She knit it for me, and it's obviously awesome and I love it. I wish it wasn't so cold out, because my outfit was a little different originally. I ended up having to change a few things & put on that long cardigan (and a coat), grrr.

I'm pleased with my vintage tassel earrings. They were only $1

Here's the last sunset of 2011 as witnessed by me.
New Year's Eve feast. Oh yes, there is hummus.
Mein Bier
My doggie is so cute ::hugs::
~*~*~*~*~ And the New Year was welcomed in. Happy New Year everyone! ~*~*~*~*~