Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Little Christmas

Kidding... We went out shopping a few days before xmas for last minute things, and I needed hairspray, and managed to find yet more Pez dispensers. The Thor one is so boss. It's the fanciest Pez dispenser I have now.

I'm going to say my holidays started the weekend prior to christmas. I went to the city to help out with a fashion show & to see friends~ We had breakfast at a little diner there, and I had the most amazing french toast ever. It was called Caribbean French Toast and was crusted with coconut. I'm not even a fan of coconut, but these were SO GOOD. I dream about them... mmmh...
Photo from facebook, taken by & copyright to Mark Shelby Perry
Here's the line-up of us after we walked at Le Poisson Rouge. Aren't all of the clothes gorgeous? They're by I Do Declare, an awesome indie brand based in New York ( I got to wear a cute boystyle outfit <3

 I did have a nice christmas this year. We wanted to keep it small, so the only family I bought gifts for was mom & dad. Us siblings just hugged and wished each other merry christmas, haha.
We had a little Christmas Eve party at my sister's, which involved many sweets. Oh, fudge, I love you.
Mackinzy was dressed up too :3
My roots have been bugging me so much. I know they're only a shade lighter, but it still bothers me, so I put all of my hair up. I was inspired by a pic on tumblr that I don't feel like finding right now, heh. My hair... no amount of teasing & hairpray make it stay poofy and curled. Oh well, it stayed pretty well.
Look at how excited I am! haha.

We found these stickers, and this one was mine. I gave my sister one that said "For a stylish sister" or something like. And my nails were too fug, so I covered 'em.
My full outfit. The tights are fishnet with a lace pattern down the sides. I was really wishing I had some thigh-hi boots for this, but I think it worked out quite nicely like this.

My gifts for my Mom & Dad. I got my mom two books; one on knitting and one on natural fibers. For my dad, I got him two packs of new strings for his guitar and went in half with my mom for some harmonicas for him.
This guy greeted me when I clambered down for coffee on Christmas Day. He's been watching Torchwood with me since.
My parent's really surprised me, because they said I could get one big thing if I wanted, so I said yes, Jeffrey Cambell shoes, and I thought that was that but noooo. I felt like such a spoiled child XD My Dad got me the shoes, and then my Mom got me all of this. I was so surprised, and I already felt like I was getting so much with just the shoes. Movies, books, a game, CDs--Whaaa, so much! I still feel so spoiled by getting all of these things.
And then I got my spikey babies.
So pretty
I love that they double as weapons.

I hope you all had a good holiday!

Let's welcome in the new year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Netflix Stole My Life

Ahhhh, it's true. I finally caved and signed up for the 1 month free trial the day after xmas. I've probably clocked a good 4-6 hours a day watching things since. Between that and reading and remembering to feed myself, I haven't done much else and it's starting to make me restless. It's great to be totally lazy and do nothing but watch movies and tv shows for a day or two, but it isn't something I could get used to. I like to get out and move.

~Let's play more catch-up!~

 On another note, I figured I should post some more back-dated things. A couple months ago I decided to try a sort of sophisticated gyaru rock style. Well, it really isn't that sophisticated XD 
I wanted the h.Naoto sixh top to be the focus of the outfit. I also wanted to do a hairstyle that showed of my shiny new undercut, which is now growing out into a mess. Oh, and did I mention I was in a total rush trying to get everything together?
My parents & I were going to get some dinner out and only had about 30 minutes to get ready. Thankgawd for hair extensions and a quick makeup routine.
We ended up going to Uno's. I hadn't been there in a long time, but I remember they used to have this four cheese personal pizza that was so good. I still remember exactly how it tasted and I haven't had it since I was nine. They didn't make that pizza anymore so I split one of these things with my mom. It was thin and unimpressive.
We tried to save the failfood evening with apple pie ala mode. How can you mess up warm apple pie and ice cream, right? It was pretty good ^_^

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh hey, another blog!

Hello! I hate first entries. Could they be any more awkward? And telling dear readers about myself... oh my...

Let's talk about what this blog is first. This is for me to follow and connect with other people who inspire me, but basically it's going to be my gyaru blog + a bit of my life blog. Yes, I do dress in other styles (like lolita), and will post them on here from time to time, but I wanted this to be my little gyaru haven so that I don't clog up my LJ. I will be posting outfits, tutorials, reviews, and anything else to do with the style. I don't want it to be completely impersonal though, so I'll also write about and post photos from my adventures (which often times involve food so be prepared XD) and about things that catch my interest. Oh, and I also sew, so hopefully you'll be seeing some of that on here!

 Now about me... Well, I live on the east coast (beast coast) in North America. I'm transitioning from being a college student to a respectable job-holding person. I love music in various forms, t.A.t.U. or The GazettE, it doesn't matter. If I like it, I listen to it. I want to travel. I like learning about pretty much anything. My wig collection won't stop growing, much to my dismay. I can't sing or dance but I will do both all of the time anyway. Summer and Autumn are my favorite seasons, but I love snow (just not the cold). I hope to one day go to the Macau Tower and glide around the Skywalk X in a tethered suit. I also want to go to Speed Week at the salt flats in Utah and race around. If somehow during my life I spread love, respect, and acceptance, then I'll know I did something worth doing.

Nice to meet you!